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What info do I need to complete this form?

This form takes around two minutes to complete. You will need to have your players School Holiday Dates and a Head to Shoulders photograph in their JPL Club kit available. We'd like the contact details of your JPL Club Team Manager if both they, and yourselves are comfortable providing them to us.

School Holiday Dates

The Northern Rep Team is made up of players from the East to the West Coast in the North of England. Consequently the School Holiday periods can be different in the different Local Authority areas.

We're therefore keen to identify the periods when the players are on their school holidays so we can plan training and games on dates when the majority of players are available.

Head to Chest Photo

Rep Team players are also regularly viewed by scouts from Pro Academies. To help scouts identify players we provide them with a player profile that includes a photo.

Please have a head to chest photo of your player in their  Junior Premier League Club kit (like the example shown) ready to upload.

Toby Greaves_edited.jpg

Example Photo

The photo doesn't need to be an official passport photo or have a plain background but a good quality shot would be helpful.

Your JPL Team Managers Contact Details

We'd like to share your success and liaise with your JPL Club Team Manager over the course of the season. However, we understand if you'd prefer that we didn't have contact with your JPL club.

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