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The following YouTube videos are provided to help players gain the knowledge required to develop the technical and tactical skills covered in the Yorkshire RTC training program.


Ball Mastery

  • Toe Taps

  • Bell Taps

  • Inside Outside

  • Rocking Sole

  • Sole Rolls

  • Sole Inside Push

  • Brazilian Trap

Controlling & Passing

  • Think ahead - Know the direction you want to go

  • Mainly use the instep of the foot

  • Open the body to the direction you want to go

  • Air - pull the foot backwards to take power out

  • Outstep - angle foot in direction want ball to go

  • The mindset of repetition

  • Work with both feet

  • Small details that make the difference

  • Technique rather than power

  • 45 degree run up

  • Planted footed pointed at target

  • Lock the kicking Ankle

  • Connect higher on ball (just below middle)

  • Angle the foot back and connect higher on the ankle

  • Hit the sweet spot on the ball so no side spin

  • Bend the planted knee slightly

Dribbling & Turning

  • Use the outside of foot more than the inside

  • Distance of touch based on dribbling foot

  • Run on toes with a lot of small steps

  • Use both feet

  • Stop & Go

  • Filthy Sole Roll

  • 90 degree V Drag Back

  • The Roulette

  • The McGeady Spin


  • Plant foot pointed in the direction you want to shoot

  • Slightly bent knee on planted foot

  • Lock ankle of shooting foot

  • Driven Shot - Use the instep - No spin on the ball

  • Curling Shot - Towards toe - Wrap foot around the ball

  • Trevella - Outside and top of shooting foot

  • Knuckle Ball - Straight Run - Top of foot - punch under the centre of the ball

  • Lock the Ankle on the shooting foot

  • Lean over the ball

  • Make an aggressive run up

  • Hit the centre of the ball

  • Practice with the game in mind


Build & Retain

Progress & Penetrate

Create & Score

  • Drop shoulder and hip in opposite direction to where you want to go

  • The Stand Still

  • Calculated Air Ball

  • The Rubber Band

  • Body Faint 3000

  • Low Ball

  • High Ball

  • 1st Touch Pass

  • Get inside the box

  • Aim Low

  • Shoot more often and with both feet

Switch Play

  • Train in game situations

  • Train under pressure: Weak foot, Back against goal

  • Good set up: Good first touch to give space

  • Check where the goalkeeper is before shooting

  • Placement or Power?

Movement off the Ball


High Press

1 v 1 Defending

  • ​Put pressure on the ball

  • Good defensive stance

  • Never lose track of the ball

  • Force the attacker one way

  • Use your body

Low Block

Outnumbered Defending

  • ​Pressure 

  • Cover 

  • Balance


Counter Attack

Delay the Attack

Deny Space

Dictate Play

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