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U7s TO U18s

​To compete in the JUNIOR PREMIER LEAGUE, players need to have a good level of technical ability and a genuine desire to develop with a willingness to listen and learn.

The levels of fitness and technical/tactical skills required to be successful are those that high Division 1 Sunday League Teams and pro-academy squads compete at.

Our free TRIALS run for up to 3 weeks and are designed to give players the opportunity to play without feeling under pressure in any way. The process also provides parents and coaches the time to observe the trialist within the context of the rest of the squad.


It generally doesn't take very long before the parents have decided if they are happy with the environment and our coaches have considered whether a player is ready.


When the Coaching Team feel that sufficient observations have taken place the Lead Coach or Club Secretary will contact the players parent to discuss the best Development Route moving forward.   


To register your interest in attending a trial, please fill in the e-form below.

We deal with many players. The Coaching team therefore find it helpful to have a photo to help them identify players during the trial period. This isn't a requirement but if you're happy to do so please have a head to chest photo ready to upload like the example below.

Charlie Firth.jpeg

Doesn't need to be a passport photo but a good quality shot is useful

Request a Trial

A photo of trialist helps the coaching team monitor them during the trial period. Providing a photo is voluntary. If you're happy to do so please upload a head to chest photo similar to the example below

Charlie Firth.jpeg
Upload File
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