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Yo Yo Fitness Test

The Yo Yo fitness test is completed by all players in the 1st half of the season in preparation for the End of Year Review. It is then completed again in the 2nd half of the season in preparation for the End of Season Review.

The players score can be seen in the Player Review Snapshot along with an indication of which third (top, middle or bottom) the player sits in relation to the rest of the group.

Player Review 2.png
Player Review 1.png



Yo Yo Diagram.jpg

The YO YO Fitness Test

The test is performed to an audio track and uses three markers set out at 0m, 5m and 25m.

Starting on or behind the 5m marker (B), the participant begins running 20 m toward marker (C) when instructed by the audio track. Upon reaching that marker and hearing a 'beep' the player turns and returns to the starting point before the next beep.

After reaching (B), an 'active recovery period' begins where the participant has 10 seconds to walk or jog to marker (A) and set themselves back at marker (B) ready to begin the next 2 x 20m shuttle when instructed by the audio track.

When the participant is unable to return to marker B within the allocated time they receive a warning. The next time they mis this target, that's the end of their test and the final score is recorded 

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