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AG1 - Sharper Footwork


  • Improve agility and footwork to become sharper

Coaching Points

  • Take quick short steps

  • Maintain a low centre of gravity

  • Follow the exercises in the videos carefully


DE1 - One to One Defending


  • Improve 1 to 1 defending skills

Coaching Points

  • Bend your knees and get down low

  • Feet at least shoulder width apart. Arms slightly out.

  • Angle your body to the side to show the attacker one way (preferably to their weaker foot or away from goal) or show towards the touchline so the attacker runs the ball out of play

  • Don’t dive in/ be patient in finding a time to pinch the ball

  • Try get your body between the attacker and the ball

DE2 - Shield the Ball


  • Maintain possession of the ball for longer in tighter areas

  • Be more physical when on the ball

Coaching Points

  • Get your body between the opposition player and the ball

  • Keep the ball close to your feet

  • Try feel where the opposition player is

  • Use your body to almost lean on the opposition player, which will make them more
    off balance therefore less likely to get the ball back

DE3 - Create Space


  • Demonstrate ability to move away from a player and find space

Coaching Points

  • Scan the pitch by checking your shoulders and looking up

  • Movement to get away from the opposition player e.g. check out-check in

  • Open up your body to receive on the back foot if possible

  • Communicate loudly to demand the ball


DR1 - Dribbling Basics


  • Be able to dribble with the ball under more control and at a faster pace

Coaching Points

  • Keep the ball close to your feet

  • Use both feet and all areas of the foot to your advantage

  • Practise the basic skills (Fake shot/pass, step overs, ball rolls)


PA1 - Passing Basics


  • demonstrate better passing technique with the side of the foot

Coaching Points

  • Lock the ankle

  • Passing foot points upwards rather than downwards

  • Plant the non-kicking foot towards the target

  • Being the leg back to strike the ball to generate power on the pass


RE1 - 1st  Touch Basics


  • Demonstrate a better first touch with a higher success rate

Coaching Points

  • Be on your toes

  • Maintain a low centre of gravity

  • Connect with the centre of the ball

  • Be slightly relaxed

  • Move the foot back slightly just before you connect with the ball


RU1 - Running Technique


  • Gain better acceleration

  • Be faster when sprinting

Coaching Points

  • Drive the knees upwards to generate power

  • Pump the arms by bringing the elbow back then driving it forward.

  • Work the arms and legs oppositely e.g. right arm, left leg.

  • Sprint on the balls of your feet.




  • Be able to generate more power and accuracy when shooting

Coaching Points

  • Lock the ankle

  • Have an aggressive run up

  • Lean over the ball

  • Strike the centre of the ball

  • Land on the foot you kicked it with after striking the ball

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