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The Yorkshire RTC Members Club account enables parents to access to their own Private & Secure Folder where the players Progression Reviews are stored. It also allows parents to access the benefits of the Rewards Club and pay 10% less for Hot Drinks and Club Merchandise by simply inputting their three digit bank card security code at the Express Checkout 

Membership is totally FREE and includes: -

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The benefits are: -

  • FREE for parents/guardians.

  • Access the Players Private Folder on the club website where the Players Reviews are stored

  • Continually earn points and redeem rewards.

  • 10% Discount on all Hot Drinks and Club Merchandise when purchase via EXPRESS CHECKOUT.

  • EXPRESS CHECKOUT - Conveniently purchase  Hot Drinks and Club Merchandise by just entering your 3 digit security code without having to re-enter your address and bank details.

How the REWARDS CLUB works -

  1. Set Up & Activate your account

    • Set Up and Activate your account to gain access to your Players Personal Folder and to get your club discounts, earn points and redeem rewards

  2. Earn Points

    • When the recurring monthly subs payment is received (Automatic)

      Get 2 points

    • When you Set Up your MEMBERS ACCOUNT

      Get 10 points

    • When you buy any CLUB MERCHANDISE

      Get 5 points

    • Order a plan

      Get 1 point for every £1 spent

  3. Redeem Rewards


      10 Points = 100% off a specific product

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