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Personalised Coaching has been developed within Yorkshire RTC to speed up the development of players by focusing on their main Areas of Development

This is how the programme works: -


The Review

Every YRTC Player receives two Player Reviews per season that highlight their main Areas of Development 

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Player Review 1.png



The Personalised Coaching sessions have three to four players who are of a similar ability and age. 

Three to four players is the optimum number for this type of training as individual development needs can be addressed whilst there are sufficient players to set up match scenarios to replicate the intensity and time pressures within a game. The sessions are undertaken at a high tempo, maximising the number of touches of the ball so technical and tactical skills are able to be refined quickly.

Personalised Coaching costs £20 per session which covers the cost of the venue, coaches and administration. Each session lasts for around 50 mins

Register for
Personalised Coaching

Personalise Coaching is only available to current Yorkshire RTC Players at the moment.

To register please complete the form below: -

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