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Player/Parent Agreement
(Updated 23/6/23)

This document sets out the terms by which Yorkshire RTC Staff, Parents/Guardians and Players agree to comply during the 2023/24 season.

  1. Respect & Positivity


All Parents/Guardians, Players and Yorkshire RTC Staff are expected to support the FA Respect Guidelines.



All Parents/Guardians, Players and Yorkshire RTC Staff will support the FA positivity initiative to (1) Treat all with respect, (2) Provide opportunity for all, (3) Accept mistakes and (4) Aim to win, but never at the expense of the previous points.


All Players, Parents/Guardians and Yorkshire RTC Staff will support the club’s values of 'Honesty', 'Integrity' and 'Respect' during training and in matches. 


Yorkshire RTC have zero tolerance to all forms of bullying or discrimination. The clubs Anti Bullying, Anti-Discrimination, Safeguarding and Complaints procedures can be found at the bottom of every webpage at


2. Training and Development Arrangements


Yorkshire RTC provide a structured training program each week. This may include a combination of Technical Drills, Tactical Drills, Strength & Conditioning and Consolidation Games.


All players are expected to attend all training sessions. Where a player is unable to attend their Parent/Guardian must update ‘Spond’ (See the Section 4) immediately so the Coaching Staff can plan the training around the numbers attending. Players not attending training may not be selected for the following match.


Where a player does not attend training regularly, they may be asked to leave the club to make way for another player.


Yorkshire RTC aim to provide a fun training environment but expect (1) Professional Discipline and (2) Hard Work from the players. Where a player is not demonstrating these attributes or are being disruptive to others, they will be asked to leave the training ground and their Parents/Guardians may be called to pick them up. The player(s) may also not be selected for the following match or matches.


Yorkshire RTC recognise that Parents/Guardians commit a significant amount of time to getting their son to training sessions and matches. Yorkshire RTC therefore commit to starting and finishing training at the agreed times so that parents can plan their time efficiently.


Team Selection and Match Day Arrangements


The under U8s and U10s generally have a squad size between 12 and 14. The U11s and U12s have a squad of between 14 and 16 and the U13s to U16s have a squad size off between 16 and 18 players.


Each week the Manager of each age group will select a team. The primary basis for selection is previous match performance, performance and discipline in training, fitness, and availability.

Player Rotation


Yorkshire RTC are committed to the development of all the players within the club. Throughout the season the Team Manager will strive to strike an appropriate balance between being competitive in matches and ensuring that all the players in the JPL Squads (see section 5) receive similar opportunities to play in Junior Premier League games over the course of the season. To this end Yorkshire RTC maintains a record of the players selected for each game. This helps inform the decisions that team managers make each week about the players that are either selected or allocated a rotation week. The overarching aim is to ensure that players are treated fairly and receive similar amounts of game time over the course of the season.


Where a player misses training, they may not be selected for the following match. This will generally not count as the players rotation. However, this is at the discretion of the manager based on individual circumstances.


Where a player has missed training due to an injury or sickness but have recovered in time for a match they may still be rested for the following game. This is to ensure that they are fully recovered, and to provide an opportunity for other players to play. Injury/Sickness may count as a rotation week at the discretion of the manager.


If a player states that they are unavailable to play in a match due to an alternative event or activity this, at the discretion of the manager, will not be classed as their rotation week as the choice to attend an alternative event has been made by either themselves or their parents. Again, the Manager has discretion here based on individual circumstances.


Each week the team manager will use all the information available to them to select a team that will be competitive against the team that is to be played. The manager will also do their best to ensure that the rotation of players required to sit out each week is managed in a fair manner.


On match days the manager may ask players to play in a position or several positions during the match. Although both Parents/Guardians and Players are encouraged to discuss their development with the Manager throughout the season they should not question playing positions on Match Day.


The Yorkshire RTC have a Match Playing Philosophy which is detailed on the club website: . During a match, the manager may choose to take a player off the pitch to discuss philosophy, tactics or to highlight an area of development. 


Where a player’s actions during a match fall short of the expected behaviours relating to Positivity and Respect (See section 1) the manager may choose to take the player off the pitch and will explain the area for development. The manager may also choose not to play the player in future games.



Communications and Player Availability Arrangements


Yorkshire RTC use the ‘Spond’ and ‘WhatsApp’ Apps to enable the Managers and Coaches to track player availability so training sessions, fixtures and friendlies can be planned efficiently. Parents must download these onto their mobile phone and become familiar with how they work.


Unavailable for a training session?


Where a player becomes unavailable for training their Parent/Guardian must update 'Spond' immediately, so the Coaching Staff are able to adapt the training session based on the numbers attending.


Unavailable for a match?


Where a player becomes unavailable for a match their Parent/Guardian must inform the team manager immediately, so they are aware and an make an necessary changed to the team. Parents must not assume that the manager has pickup their unavailability on Spond at short notice.



Registration Fee and Monthly Subs


Yorkshire RTC have two membership options: -


JPL Squad - £44 per months for 12 months ​- Players train and take part in League/Cup Matches, friendlies, and tournaments. ​  


Shadow Player - £30 per month for 12 months - Players train and may be asked to play in friendlies, tournaments, League, and Cup games as needed. Although every effort will be made to provide Shadow Players with game opportunities the Shadow Player option should be considered to be predominately Training as game time cannot be guaranteed.


During the May to July period a Players Parent/Guardian will be contacted to clarify if they are intending to continue the following season. The Team Manager or Lead Coach may also contact a players parent to discuss the Squad Membership that the player is to be offered for the following season.


Yorkshire RTC prioritise development over results whilst ensuring that the teams can compete in the highly competitive Junior Premier League. Should the performance of a player drop off or improve over the course of the season then a player could be asked to move from JPL Squad to Shadow Player or vice versa. Should this be the case the parent/guardian will be asked to change the standard order amount from the next subscription payment onwards.  


Should a player decide to leave the club during the season the monthly subs subscription will be cancelled from the next payment date.

Payment of the Annual Registration Fee


The Annual Registration Fee will be paid by the parent/guardian as part of the Club Registration Process. The Annual Registration Fee pays for the JPL team registration fees and so should be considered non-refundable. However, the Club Management Team will consider refunds in exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis.


Payment of Monthly Subs


An invoice for (JPL Players) or (Shadow Players) will be sent to the players parent/guardian in the 1st Week of September. The payment of the Invoice will set the subscription for payments to be made automatically on the same day of subsequent months through to the following August.


What happens if a player leaves the club during the season.

If a player leaves the club during the season the monthly subs will be stopped during the month that the player leaves. There will be no reimbursement of the Annual Registration Fee.





Yorkshire RTC aim to provide the best footballing experience for its players. As a 'not for profit' club all money raised is used to improve the footballing experience provided to the players. Parents are therefore expected to engage with all fund-raising efforts initiated by the Club as much as possible.


Social Media, Photographs and Video Footage


Yorkshire RTC uses social media to raise the profile of the club. We also use VEO AI video footage to assist with the development of our players. As part of the Registration process parents can indicate whether they are happy for their child to have images and video footage taken and used on social the clubs social media platforms.


Yorkshire RTC recognise the benefits of social media along with the problems that it can create when used in an inappropriate manner. Within Yorkshire RTC it is expected that social media will not be used by Managers, Coaches, Committee members, parents of players in relation to complaints/grievances. Yorkshire RTC have a clear complaint/grievance procedure and are keen to deal with any issues raised quickly and efficiently to the satisfaction of all involved. The club also have clear policy relating to Harassment and Bullying which covers all members including players, parents, and staff. All policies and Procedures are available on the club website

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